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When we adopted Loki he had a Fox toy in his kennel at the shelter. He did not want to give it up as they were bring him out to us to come to his forever home, so they let him keep it. His "Foxy" has taken a few different forms over the years as he loves it so much that he goes til he reaches the stuffing! These are small stuffed animals with squeekers (about 7 inches long by 4 inches wide), but I like them. If you get into a tugging war, we've lost an arm or a leg at a time, but the rest stays together. Eventually my huskies will get to the inside as they try to find the squeeker, but they last a few weeks. If your dog is less destructive, it makes for a great fetch toy! 

Side note, there is one toy that I think is an anteater, but it could be an armadillo. I'm from the Midwest and your guess is as good as mine!

Chew Toys

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