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The Story behind

Welcome to! We are honored to have you becoming a part of our family!

Why are we here?


Pets have always been a part of my life. I remember after we adopted Loki, buying a sustainable collar for him. Within two weeks of buying, on our 20th walk, I noticed it was ripped in the middle. Twenty bucks down the drain. I bought a name brand harness and the straps started wearing in less than a month. 


In 2020, I created to find products my pups would actually use, were good quality and affordable. There are so many options in the world and finding the best harness and leashes that could stand up to the wear and tear of highly active huskies in the midwest has always been a challenge. I hope you find products you and your furbabies can enjoy here, but if you don't, that's ok. I'll have a lifetime supply of harnesses, leashes and toys I've bought for mine!

Thank you for becoming a part of the Lokeya family! We will strive to make your experience a special one. We are excited to have you with us on this journey!

Now, let's meet my Inspiration!


Loki was born in May 2017 and we adopted him from the KC Pet Project in June 2019. When adopting we had it drilled into us not to adopt a Husky unless we really knew what we were getting into. The previous owner had two other dogs and brought Loki to KCPP because he was digging up carpet, played too rough with the other dogs, dug holes in the yard, and was untrainable. 

I honestly believe everything the previous owner said, but...since we have had Loki, his aggression has dropped dramatically, he doesn't dig at the furniture, or go to the bathroom in the house. He is just the sweetest dog I've ever known. Dogs are going to be dogs. To be successful we need our dogs to conform to us, but we have to conform to their needs as well!



Freya was born in May 2019 and we adopted her from Taysia Blue Rescue. We went through a couple of interviews, drove almost to Arkansas to pick her up from her foster mom. She was young and chewing constantly. Had a bad habit of going to the bathroom on the floor immediately after eating. Today, she is like that stubborn little sister that picks on her older brother to get him to play and pay attention to her. Where Loki goes, Freya is sure to be close behind. She is my sweet little girl. We occasionally call her Mama as she will chew us out for leaving her at home when we go to the store, or bite us in the butt if we've overslept and not given her loves in the morning. 

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